Svantek SV 103 Hand-Arm (HAV) Vibration Dosimeter

The SV103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure Meter is designed to accurately measure hand-arm vibration levels. The vibration level meter meets ISO 8041:2005 and is a well suited choice for making measurements according to ISO 5349 and the European Directive 2002/44/EC. 

Hand-arm vibration occurs when mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the hands when in contact with the surface of vibrating machinery such as electric drills. This type of vibration can be particularly harmful as it can cause pathological changes in the nervous system of the hands and fingers, commonly referred to as vibration white finger.

The SV103 is powered using rechargeable batteries (rechargeable by USB), there is a familiar USB interface for data transfer to PC. The measurement data is safely stored in the large onboard 8GB memory. The instrument links up to the Svantek ‘Supervisor’ software for instrument configuration as well as viewing and exporting measurement data and daily vibration exposure recalculations. In addition, a bright and colorful OLED screen offers excellent visibility even in full daylight.

  • Personal Daily Vibration Exposure Meter complying to ISO 8041
  • Measurement under gloves according to ISO 10819
  • Tri-axial accelerator complying to ISO 5349
  • Large 8GB Memory and USB connectivity 
  • 24 hour operating time
  • 160g 88 x 49.5 x 19.2mm


  • Minimum 3 Day Hire

Weekly Rate

  • 7 Day Hire

Monthly Rate

  • Full Month Hire

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