Optimus Red – Octave Band Sound Level Meter

The Optimus Red sound level meter is for measuring sound levels in factories and other work environments in line with the occupational noise regulations.

This version of the Optimus is fitted with real-time octave band filters. The nature of “real-time” filters is that the meter measures in all bands at the same time – parallel filters.

Octave bands gives a description of the frequency content of the noise measured. The most common use is for selecting the correct hearing protectors, ensuring that they attenuate the sound levels at the frequencies of interest.

The NoiseTools software, which is included with this meter, has a calculator that takes the octave band measurement and calculates the assumed level at the ear when using different hearing protectors.

The Optimus Red was designed specifically for occupational noise measurements in line with the regulations. It provides all the noise measurement parameters that you need in a meter of the correct grade.

For simple measurements it isn’t necessary to download to a computer, you can read the summary information from the display. The main parameters for occupational noise are LAeq or Lavg and Lpeak, so you can just note these down. However, for a more detailed survey and for long-term records, it is better to download to the NoiseTools software. The downloaded measurements include the octave band data too, which is useful for assessing high-noise environments.

The overall process for making occupational noise measurements consists of:

  • Calibration check
  • Make the measurements close to the point of noise exposure
  • Re-check calibration
  • Calculate noise exposure


  • Minimum 3 Day Hire

Weekly Rate

  • 7 Day Hire

Monthly Rate

  • Full Month Hire

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