Drug & Alcohol Testing

Why Test?
Drug and alcohol use and abuse affects all of society. By monitoring, effective action and assistance can be provided. A testing programme and policy can act as a deterrent.
Without monitoring, nothing is known until an incident has occurred.
Incidents caused by drug and alcohol impairment are NOT ACCIDENTS!
Correct testing combined with a modern & relevant drug panel make an effective Drug & Alcohol testing programme possible.
Why use Oral Fluid testing?
  • Simple to sample – less than 5 min
  • No hygiene issues.
  • Short detection times – Recent use.
  • Better indication of current state.
  • Observed sample collection means adulteration is impossible.

Why use Urine testing?

  • Longer detection times – 1-3 days.
  • Adequate sample volumes for further confirmatory testing.

Why use Hair sampling?

  • In some cases, the Drug & Alcohol policy will require complete abstinence from illicit drugs (such as the armed forces) is demanded.
  • Hair analysis offers a long term profile for drug detection.

Which test panel is best?

Our Oral fluid test uses an 8 drug multiple test strips,plus alcohol device (pictured to the right)  and offers better detection rates.

Our Urine cup test uses a 12 drug panel device.

The individual drugs on the test device should ideally reflect the actual drug use and abuse in your community.

There is no point in testing for drugs which are no longer used by people in your area as testing for drugs which no longer reflect current and local drug use is a waste of time and resources.

Our tests can determine the use of the following drugs:

How do the tests work?

Saliva or urine flows along the test strip which contains specifically manufactured regions that will result in the specific drugs reacting with the test lines of the strip.

We can attend your workplace to carry out these tests or you may wish to purchase these tests from us.

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