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With drones being used more and more within industries, Ardua Safety has undergone extensive training and has gained its “PFCO”

What is a PfCO?

A PfCO is essentially a drone ‘license’. License is in inverted commas because it’s not actually a license, it’s a permission. UK permissions are granted through partaking in a CAA drone training course from a CAA approved trainer. Once the training has been completed permissions are then sought from the CAA, The operator must ensure they have an operations manual, flight reference cards and emergency procedures to the required CAA standard before permissions are granted.

The PfCO allows a drone operator to use a small, unmanned aircraft for commercial projects. If a you are a business and wish to have aerial photography carried out at your site or offices  then you must ensure the drone operator holds “PFCO” and relevant insurances.

All to often we are seeing tradesmen offering “roof inspections” for instance and they are not qualified or authorised to carry out these operations. Always ask to see their “PFCO” and insurances. Not only will this satisfy that you have carried out due dilligence but it will also confirm that the operator you have chosen is safe and competent.

We are hoping that with the introduction of the new drone registration scheme coming into effect at the end of November 2019 will remove some of the illegal drone operators who offer services to their clients for a fraction of what an CAA authorised operator can. This can have a huge impact on your business if something goes wrong, however using a PFCO holder will help mitigate risk and ensure that the operation goes smoothly and professionally.

So do your “due dilligence” and dont get caught out.

Ardua Safety are happy that we are now able to offer our clients professional aerial photography options ideal for the following:

  • Pre Construction images
  • Construction/demolition phase progress images
  • Monitoring of demolition cordons during explosive demolitions
  • Post construction/demolition images
  • Roof inspections
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Estate agency images
  • Mapping
  • Crop health
  • Situational awareness images for building collapses and fires
  • Standby options for high risk demolitions
  • Search and rescue options
  • Marketing material
  • Team photo’s
  • And many more….

We can also offer standard photography services which include;

  • Site Progress Photo’s
  • Marketing Material Photo’s
  • Team Photo’s
  • And many more…..

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